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Unbreakable Boot Laces

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A Breakthrough Polymer

From a Nobel Prize-winning German scientist: A polymer so strong it replaced Kevlar in the helmets of the US army.

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Stronger than steel + Kevlar

These are made of 12-strand, Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It's 15x Stronger-than steel, way stronger than Kevlar.

+1,000lb breaking strength

These laces are overkill. They won't break even against more than 1,000lbs (454kg)

Lighter than cotton

They're as light as a feather, you won't know they're there.

Corrosion resistant

They resist corrosion from things like solvents, oils, acids, and alkalis that pop up throughout the work day.

Waxed to stay tied

A waxed coating keeps the laces tight on the job and the trail.

Waterproof: won't freeze or rot

Perfect for remote work or trekking in cold conditions. You'll be able to untie these no matter what.

Plus, put them away wet and they stay mold free. They don't rot and weaken over time.


  • In combat helmets

  • In satellite tow ropes

  • In joint prosthetics

  • In maritime sailing ropes

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  • "I destroy laces"

    "I've worked in forestry for more than a decade and I've been replacing my boot laces multiple times a year. I'm two seasons in with these and they're still going strong."

    -Brett, Kamloops BC Canada

  • "The best shop laces"


    "There's lots of oils and cleaners around the shop that used to eat through my boot laces. These hold up great. I never have to worry about breaking a pair when I'm in the middle of the workday."

    -Nate, Savana GA, USA

  • "I'd had enough"

    "For some reason my laces were busting at the worst possible time. It's the kind of thing you don't worry about until it's a problem. I gave in and picked up a pair of these for my work boots and I've never looked back.

    -Dave, Kingston ON, Canada

  • Want to See More?

    Andrew Wildman's always testing these out on camera.
    It's pretty entertaining to watch.

    Check it out on IG  

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Unbreakable Boot Laces Black- Adventure Andy
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