The Boot Lace Length Guide


Selecting the right boot lace length is crucial for functionality, comfort, and style. This guide considers boot type, eyelet number, and boot design to help you find the right boot lace length. 

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Standard Boot Lace Length - A Rule of thumb

Leave about 8 inches (20cm) of lace on each side of your boots after lacing. This will provide enough space to tie them without having too much extra length.

Ankle boots and trail runners usually take a 54-inch (130cm) boot lace. 6-8 inch work boots, and most hiking boot laces are about 63-inches (160cm).

Use the boot lace length chart below to find the exact lace length for your boots.

Boot Lace Length Chart 

5 eyelet boots

Laces for low-cut hikers, most runners, trail runners

120-130cm (47-51") boot lace length

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6 eyelet boots

Laces for 6-inch boots. Women's hikers often have 6 eyelet pairs.

120-130cm (47-51") boot lace length.

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7-8 eyelet boots

Laces for men's hiking boots and 6" work boots

140-160cm (55-63") boot lace length

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9-10 eyelet boots

Laces for ironworker's boots, and 8-Inch work boots

170-180cm (67-71") boot lace length

Other factors that can influence lace length include boot width and eyelet spacing. Wider-set boots or those with eyelets set farther apart generally take longer laces. If you like to wrap laces around your ankle for more support. In this case, add 6-7 inches to your measurement.

Boot Lace Length Calculator

Use the calculator below to select the optimal boot lace length. For the most accurate calculation, choose the number of eyelet pairs. If you don't have the number of eyelet pairs handy, select the type of boots.

Boot Lace Considerations

Beyond length, there many factors that impact what makes a great boot lace, from length, to material, to wax treatments. Find it all in our Boot Lace Buyer's Guide.

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