What are Waxed Laces


Waxed shoe laces get a thin layer of wax applied to them during their manufacturing process. This enhances their grip, durability and, water-resistance. 

History of Waxed Shoelaces

Craftsmen started to apply wax to cotton laces to enhance their durability in the early 20th century . As footwear evolved, so did the purpose and appeal of waxed laces. Today they're a staple in both formal and casual settings.

Benefits of Waxed Laces

  • Grip & Security: The waxed coating grips to itself so laces are unlikely to come undone. ensuring your shoes stay secure throughout the day.
  • Durability: The wax coating protects the lace fibers from wear and tear in your boots.
  • Water Resistance: The wax coating offers protection against moisture. This helps preserve laces, and keep them clean.
  • Style & Aesthetics: Waxed laces have a subtle sheen. This gives sneakers and dress footwear a polished, refined look. The wax makes them waterproof and keeps them from getting stained or tarnished.

When to Use Waxed Shoe Laces

  • Outdoor Footwear: Waxed boot laces are ideal in outdoor footwear. They keep hiking boots and work boots tight and they prevent wear on the lace material as it passes through eyelets. The water resistant coating prevents mold and mildew from developing during wet hikes and work days, or if your boots are ever put away wet. For more information on choosing the best laces for your outdoor footwear. Check out our Boot Lace Buyer's Guide
  • Casual Shoes: A waxed coating makes sneaker laces easier to clean. It prevents water from absorbing into the material and tarnishing the color. Wax also leaves a polished looking Shine on the lace material.
  • Formal Attire: Round formal laces look very sharp with a waxed coating. It provides a polished shine that looks sharp but not overstated.

Caring for Waxed Shoelaces

This isn't necessary for hikers or work boots, but a little care goes a long way with waxed laces on sneakers or formal footwear. Since they're waterproof, a quick wipe with a damp cloth will remove any dirt and debris from waxed laces. They'll look brand new with this treatment, and it's easy to do.

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