Adidas Shoelace Length Chart


Adidas have a large catalogue of sneakers with a variety of shoe lace lengths. As a rule of thumb, their running shoes have 6-7 eyelet pairs and take 130-140cm (51"-55") shoelace lengths. Their low top sneakers e.g. Stan Smiths, Superstar, Campus, etc have 7 eyelet pairs and take 140cm (55") shoe lace lengths. The table below shows the shoelace lengths for common Adidas styles.

Adidas Ultraboost Shoelace Length

Adidas Ultraboost

4 pairs of eyelets
110cm (39") shoe laces

Adidas Superstar Shoelace Length

Adidas Superstar

7 pairs of eyelets
140cm (55") shoe laces

Adidas Samba Shoelace Length

Adidas Samba

6 pairs of eyelets
130cm (51") shoe laces

Addidas Stan Smith Shoelace Length

Addidas Stan Smith

7 pairs of eyelets
140cm (55") shoe laces

Standard Shoelace Lengths for Other Brands

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  4. Find the standard lace length for all other styles in our Complete Shoelace Length Chart.
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