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Let’s start with the bottom line: Leather laces look great. Leather laces are timeless and classic and they can earn a nice patina as they break in. But if you want reliable boot laces for working and playing outdoors, they might not cut it. Here are a few considerations:

Strength of Leather Laces

Leather on its own can be a durable material. Leather gloves, jackets, and bags are durable and often valuable. But in boot laces,  leather isn't as strong as other materials like UHMWPE or even polyester.

Leather Laces vs. Acids and Alkaline

Leather is a natural material, so it has some resistance to acidic and alkaline conditions. Yet, the tanning and treatment process which preserves leather can compromise this resistance. Leather boot laces are more prone to damage from acids and alkaline solutions than synthetic options.

Leather Laces vs. Flame

Leather has some natural resistance to flame but it's not considered flame-retardant the way Kevlar laces are. Exposure to direct flame or extreme heat can cause it to char or burn. That said, leather boot laces are more flame resistant than polyester, nylon, or UHMWPE.

Leather Laces vs. Moisture

Leather can absorb water, which may cause it to stretch and change shape. Continued exposure to water without proper treatment can lead to drying, cracking, and loss of strength.

Price of Leather Laces

Leather is often considered a premium material, and laces made from genuine leather are usually expensive. You're paying for style.

A Tendency to Come Untied

Leather laces often come untied because they are smooth and stretchy. As a natural material it has some flex which can add to the problem. You can get around this with a double knot, but who has the time?

Leather Laces Style

Leather laces can't be beat on style. They're a classic, sophisticated compliment to any leather footwear. A great choice for a natural, luxurious look.

Other factors to consider for Heavy Duty Boot Laces

When evaluating heavy duty boot laces, there are many factors that impact what makes a great boot lace, from length, to material, to wax treatments. Find it all in our Boot Lace Buyer's Guide.


Leather boot laces look stylish and old-fashioned but they aren't as strong or durable as other options. They can cost more too. But don't let us scare you off. If you want laces that look great, leather can be a fantastic choice. 

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