The Standard Shoe Lace Length Guide


The standard shoe lace length varies based on the type of footwear you're lacing. The chart below covers standard shoelace length for most every shoe and boot.  

Here are 5 tips for finding the right shoelace length

  1. Standard running shoes, trail runners, and low-cut casual footwear usually have 5-6 pairs of eyelets will fit a 130cm lace (51").
  2. High-top sneakers, hiking boots and work boots usually have 7-8 pairs of eyelets and fit a 160cm (63") lace.
  3. Dress shoes have closely spaced eyelets and often need finer, shorter laces. Find our dress shoe lace length guide here
  4. Very wide-set shoes like some skateboard shoes will require an additional 30cm on top of what you might calculate on a shoelace length chart.
  5. Brands Have Specifics: Brands like Converse, Adidas and Vans have their preferred lace lengths to give the best fit and style. See the brand-specific guides here to be sure:

Standard Shoelace Length Chart

2 Pairs of Eyelets

Laces for dress shoes and formal wear

90cm (35") shoelace length

3-4 pairs of eyelets

Laces for minimal sneakers e.g. Keds, some Vans, and similar

100-110cm (39-43") shoelace length

5 pairs of eyelets

Laces for low-cut hikers, most runners, trail runners

120-130cm (47-51") shoelace length.

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6 pairs of eyelets

Laces for women's hikers, and 6-inch work boots.

120-130cm (47-51") shoelace length.

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7-8 pairs of eyelets

Laces for men's hiking boots and 6" work boots

140-160cm (55-63") shoelace length

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9-10 pairs of eyelets

Laces for ironworker's boots, and 8-Inch work boots

170-180cm (67-71") shoelace length

Boot Lace Considerations

Looking for a boot lace-specific length guide? Find our Complete Boot Lace Length Guide here. Beyond length, there many factors that impact what makes a great boot lace, from length, to material, to wax treatments. Find it all in our Boot Lace Buyer's Guide.

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