How to Wear Red Laces in Brown Boots


If you've got a classic style and your look on the trail matches, take a look at red hiking boot laces. Hiking boots with red laces create a timeless look with a touch of personality that's tough to beat.

But how do you wear red laces in brown boots without looking too flashy or mismatched? Here are some tips to help you nail this combination.

Adventure Andy - hiking boots with red laces

Choose the Right Shade of Red

Not all reds are created equal. Some are brighter, some are darker, some are warmer, and some are cooler. The shade of red that you choose for your laces can make a big difference in how they look with your brown boots. Generally speaking, you want to avoid reds that are too dull or flat. They tend to blend in with the brown tones of the boot. Also keep in mind that material colours dull over time. They get dirty and could fade with the sun. You can always try wearing hiking boots with red laces that are burgundy, maroon, or crimson. These are deep and rich shades of red that can add some contrast but our recommendation is start with a powerful red that really contrasts the brown of your boots. Remember, it'll fade over time.

Match Your Laces with Other Accessories

If you're making a look for day-to-day wear, try matching your laces with other accessories that you’re wearing. This can create a cohesive and harmonious outfit that shows off your sense of style. For instance, you can wear a red scarf, hat, or gloves that match the color of your laces.

Keep it Classic

Part of the appeal of brown hiking boots with red laces is their classic appeal. Almost all hiking boots from the 1960's to the 1990's came with red laces. It's believed that red laces gave leather boots a distinct "hiking boot look" which manufacturers used to differentiate their footwear from work boots. The vintage origin of classic brown hiking boots with red laces lends this look to a classic style. Earth-tones, muted colours, and natural fabrics all look great alongside hiking boots with red laces.

Unbreakable Red Hiking Boot Laces

Adventure Andy - An Image of unbreakable red boot laces for brown boots

Our red Unbreakable Boot Laces are made from a polymer that’s 15 times stronger than steel and

way stronger than Kevlar. They won’t snap, fray, or tear. They come in a rich red that will stand up to dirt and wear. And they're waterproof, so they won’t freeze or rot in wet or cold conditions. Check them out here.

For more on boot laces including how to chose the right material and length, check out our Boot Lace Buyer's Guide.

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